phpMyAdmin “Cannot start session without errors”

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Sometimes phpMyAdmin is inaccessible and gives the error message “Cannot start session without errors”. This can be due to either a client-sided issue with cookies, or a server-sided issue relating to permissions of the temporary directory where session files are stored.

The error message

This is what the error message looks like:

phpMyAdmin – Error

Cannot start session without errors, please check errors given in your PHP and/or webserver log file and configure your PHP installation properly.

Client sided solution

This error can simply be an issue with cookies in your web browser, so either delete all stored cookies or selectively delete them for just the domain/directory where phpMyAdmin is if your browser allows this. For example, in the current version of Google Chrome at the time of writing this post, you can go into the preferences then select Under the Hood -> Content Settings -> All Cookies and Site Data and then type the domain into the “Search cookies” input box. Then hover over the domain in question and click the X delete button. (Alternatively you could do this via the developer tools).

Server sided solution

If the above didn’t work then it may be an issue with directory permissions or directory ownership of the directory where PHP keeps its session files. I’ve experience this particular server-sided issue on CentOS 5.x when we ran Apache under a different user/group and each time we did a PHP update the permissions were reset. Locate the directory where sessions are stored in the php.ini file. It will look something like this, although the exact path will vary depending on the distro and any customizations you may have made yourself:

session.save_path = "/var/lib/php/session"

Now check the permissions of that directory and make sure that the web server has permissions to access it. You may need to either change ownership of the directory, e.g.:

sudo chown user:group /var/lib/php/session

and substitute “user” for the actual username and “group” for the actual group, and /var/lib/php/session for the actual session save path. Alternatively, just change the permissions of the directory so it’s world readable and writeable:

sudo chmod 0777 /var/lib/php/session



Brain Training and Exercise Program

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Brain training with gameCourses are carefully formulated training regimens created by the scientific team.
Each course is individually tailored to maximize the benefits of cognitive training through careful selection of the mix and length of training activities.
This comprehensive training program enhances brain health and performance using clinically validated tools designed by Neuroscientists and scientists that designed entertaining exercises with games for enhance the brain’s ability, and studies have confirmed and reported profound benefits that include:

  • Clearer and quicker thinking
  • Faster problem-solving skills
  • Increased alertness and awareness
  • Better concentration at work or while driving
  • Sharper memory for names, numbers, and directions

Brain courses

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Brain Training Program

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Researchers used to believe that cognitive power was fixed after childhood. Over the last few decades, though, scientists have discovered that can improve our cognitive abilities after childhood.
Research shows that certain types of mental exercise can enhance the health and function of the brain.
Based on extensive research, this training improves memory, attention, processing speed, and problem-solving skills so you can feel more confident in your abilities.

brain training program

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Brain Training > Improve brain health and performance

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You have the power to improve your brain


Scientists once believed that mental ability was fixed after childhood. But over the last few decades, neuroscientists have discovered that adults’ brains are constantly changing – growing new neurons and connections – in a process known as neuroplasticity. Lumosity takes advantage of the brain’s innate neuroplasticity to help shape it into a more effective, powerful organ.
Instead of teaching specific skills that may only be useful in specific areas, Lumosity targets core cognitive processes that underlie performance in many different areas. These processes include memory, attention and other abilities that are critical in the real world.
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Easy Homemade 2.4 Ghz Omni Antenna

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omni antennaAn easy step-by-step guide go making a homemade wireless antenna, for a fraction of the cost of commercial antenna. Uses readily available parts, and requires no specialist tools or knowledge. Or in geek speak – a diy homebrew omnidirectional collinear dipole design suitable for 802.11 wifi compatible hardware with external antenna connector. Continue reading

Healthy Brain Tips > Coffee as Alzheimer’s Treatment? Perhaps!

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i luv kopi

Mice who have been drinking the caffeine equivalent of five cups of coffee per day have shown recovery from induced Alzheimer’s disease, according to research at the University of South Florida.
The mice were bred to develop Alzheimer’s symptoms and the brain plaques associated with the disease’s memory loss. When they exhibited noticeable memory impairment, half of the mice were fed caffeine and half drank regular water. Continue reading

Healthy Brain Tips > Sleep For Brain Health

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SleepingWe spend up to a third of our lives snoozing for a reason. Not getting enough sleep can result in potentially severe cognitive deficits in processing speed, attention, memory and reasoning.

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